Help Your Business Takeoff with Orbitz Worldwide

In 2001, Orbitz Worldwide was launched as a joint venture between some of the world’s largest and most influential airlines. Based on that heritage, we continue to invest in the overall health and diversity of our airline supplier ecosystem.  We understand that our ability to win each and every day with customers rests on the strength of our supporting partner relationships.

Car Rentals, Cruises, Attractions and More
Grow your car rental, cruise or attractions business today by adding your products and services to one of the Orbitz Worldwide online properties.  We make it easy for you to market and sell your ancillary travel products standalone or as part of dynamic packages, all within the same  booking path customers use to search for flights and hotel rooms.  

Industry-leading Promotions and Merchandising
Orbitz Worldwide offers a diverse range of promotional opportunities to accelerate your transaction growth.  Our online marketing opportunities range from featured campaigns, social media outreach and search engine placements to time-sensitive promotions. As a result, your properties will benefit from both broad-based and targeted customer pull and the ability to manage pricing through the use of promotions and opaque dynamic packaging.